March 4, 2023

What to Know About Netflix Removing Shows 

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Netflix (Image Credit: GNN)

Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite shows are no longer available on Netflix? While it can be frustrating for viewers, Netflix has a reason why they remove certain titles. Here’s an overview of what is behind their decisions and why. 

Licensing Agreements 

The main reason Netflix removes titles from its streaming service is due to licensing agreements with production studios and networks. When a show is licensed, the agreement will specify when the show should be removed from Netflix.

Typically, agreements last between one and four years but could be as short as six months in some cases. If there’s no renewal of the agreement, then the content is removed from the streaming service when the contract ends. 

Cost Considerations Licensing shows can also become cost prohibitive for Netflix if viewership numbers don’t justify the expense. If a show doesn’t generate enough views or subscribers even after being promoted by Netflix, then it might not make financial sense for them to renew the license particularly if another network or streaming service offers more money for exclusive rights.

It’s also important to note that many new movies and television shows don’t come to Netflix until after their initial release window has ended meaning that viewers may have to wait several months before popular films arrive on the platform.  

Digital Rights Management Issues Finally, some titles are removed due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues.

This usually applies in cases where outside companies manage DRM access permissions for content holders such as when a company owns rights over a movie or show in certain countries but not others. In these cases, streaming services like Netflix end up having to pull content from particular regions or countries due to complicated legal issues regarding digital rights management access permissions.


Netflix constantly cycles through titles based on licensing agreements and cost considerations. Depending on where you live and what type of content you’re looking for, you may find that certain shows or movies are only available in specific regions due to digital rights management issues as well. But with so much great content available on the platform, there’s bound to be something amazing waiting just around the corner!


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